HIP Property 709 Cleveland Avenue

FOR SALE HIP Property on 709 Cleveland Avenue, proceeds benefit York Habitat's mission! A once vacant, blighted property has been restored and is ready to return to home ownership!

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There is still work to be done!

Just because Blitz Week is over does not mean there isn’t work to do on our W. Princess Street Duplex! Sign up on VolunteerHub to come out on site Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!

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York-Adams Masonry Association

Shout out to the York-Adams Masonry Association for their work on our W. Princess Street Build!

Adopt-A-Mortgage Sponsorship

Special Thank You to Kathy Miller for Adopting our Mortgage for the month of November! In order to apply as many dollars as we can to the actual construction or rehabilitation of Habitat homes, we’ve a started a program called Adopt-A-Mortgage. Its goal is to create a partnership involving organizations or individuals to each sponsor one month of a York Habitat mortgage payment. Every little bit, it will go a long way in making a difference!

Hanover Build

249 Kennedy Court
On Saturday, October 4, York Habitat dedicated its 114th home to the Sheely Family in Hanover. Abbey and her daughter Mekayla are now proud homeowners to a fully handicap accessible home. This is the first time that 13-year-old Mekayla has been able to move independently throughout her own home.

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Dedication Invitation

Celebration of Service and Hope: Annual Banquet

Thank you to all who attended our Celebration of Service and Hope: Annual Banquet this month. It is your hard work and support that keeps our organization going and helps up further our mission of building better lives in York County!

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Class in Session RLASD students return

A single story, home for Ashley Moffitt and her daughter, Shaelynn, utilizing an existing blighted foundation. Home will be funded and built by Red Lion Area School District students, faculty, and community volunteers! Last week, RLASD elementary students participated in a "Hike for Habitat" raising a total of $4,000! The students are running the "Fill a Square Foot" fundraiser again this year to further fund their build!

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